ADVENTURE CHIC: Finally - A Women’s Travel Vest to Love

SCOTTEVEST’s new women’s travel vest is custom made for on-the-go travelgirls.

I’ve always envied my male colleagues the practicality of their multi-pocketed, photojournalist vests, but hated wearing one myself. They’re fine if you’re a broad-shouldered, six-foot-something, two-hundred-pound male, but on smaller-framed females they’re uncomfortably heavy, unattractive and scream journalist (can you say, target?) in places where I’d just as soon blend in.

Yet, it is handy to have everything I need within easy reach, discretely concealed on my person, rather than carrying them in a separate daypack or carryall, susceptible to theft or easy to leave behind.

Until now, the perfect vest eluded me. Not only did SCOTTEVEST design a functionally stylish vest with 21 streamlined, no-bulge pockets and hidden compartments in a lightweight, breathable and water repellant material, but, nipped at the waist and falling below the hips, it even flatters.

Better yet, it’s wired for techno travelers, making it easy to carry and access gadgets on the go. Its earphone ports and internal conduit cord management system allow me to connect the headphones from my iPod and cell phone without entangling myself in a mess of wires every time I take it off.

The folks at SCOTTEVEST seem to have thought of everything. There’s a hidden, yet easily accessible pocket spacious enough for travel documents, airline tickets, passport, etc. Another for your digital camera: uniquely suspended and secure to keep it protected from other devices and water. Hanging pockets sized specifically for your Blackberry, PDA or mobile phone, are positioned perfectly against your body so that even when you’ve set the phone to vibrate, you won’t miss a call. Extra deep pockets feature magnetic closures and zippered pocket-within-a-pocket so your stuff won’t fall out, and reach-through access to additional storage in back. Additionally, the handy extras like eyeglass chamois and clip, removable key holder, water bottle sleeve, and pen and stylus pockets turn this fashionable and comfortable vest into a savvy solution to the one carry-on rule.

But don’t think you need to wait for a trip to use it. I like this vest and its versatile go-anywhere conveniences so much that I’ve taken to wearing it for everyday use.

Scottevest Travel Vest Women’s

Colors: Black Lava, Desert Sand, Red Rock
Women’s Sizes: XS – XXL
Price: $100
Also Available: SCOTTEVEST Essential Jacket for Women ($120)
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