Whether you’re busy writing up your own holiday wish list or looking for something fun, yet useful, for your favorite gadget loving traveler, here are a few ideas….


charger%20bag.jpegCharger Bag

How many times have you groped in your bag or briefcase for the charger, cables or the converter for your electronic gear only to find you didn’t have the one you needed? With its six secure neoprene pockets and industrial strength zipper, our Charger Bag keeps cords and chargers organized and intact. Even better, it folds completely flat when not in use. It’s perfect for traveling or just to keep it all organized in your bag.

Price …… $24.99 

Built NY 212.227.2044; www.builtny.com 


J.Grundig%20Travel%20Radio.pngJ. Grundrig AM/FM Shortwave Travel Radio

With AM, FM, and seven international shortwave bands, here’s a pocket-sized travel radio that keeps the world in the palm of your hand. Road worthy extras include a built-in alarm clock, a digital LCD screen, and easy button and dial controls that make it simple to operate. Slips effortlessly in a shirt pocket to keep you connected anywhere. Includes carry case, earphone, and two AA batteries.  

Price ……. $29.95

National Geographic 1-888-225-5647; www.shopNG.org




digital%20luggage%20scale.pngDigital Luggage Scale

Watch your weight  and avoid unexpected overweight luggage fees at the airport with this compact scale that weighs luggage up to 100 lbs (or 44 kg) so you’ll know instantly if your bag exceeds the allowable weight limit. And it couldn’t be easier to use. Just lift your suitcase, wait for the beep, set it back down, and read the weight on the large digital display. Takes two AAA batteries.

Price …… $24.85 

Magellan’s 1-800-962-4943; www.magellans.com 


Lingo%20Voyager.pngLingo Voyager 2 Translator

Speak the lingo wherever your travels take you. Handheld unit instantly translates and pronounces over 240,000 words and 27,000 phrases in 12 languages at the push of a button. Loaded with useful features: voice/memo recorder, alarm, world/local time, currency and metric converters, talking calculator, 32k phone book, even travel games. Includes 2 AAA batteries and case.


Price …… $199.95 

Kaehler World Traveler 1-800-314-2247; www.worldtraveler.com 




Flexpod%20Tripod.pngFlexpod Tripod

This three-legged octopus featuring dozens of flexible joints that rotate nearly 360-degrees holds a camera anywhere. Custom-forming around rocks, posts, bike frames, fences, branches, etc., each ball-and-socket joint is ringed by grippy rubber for a non-slip hold. Universal screw mount fits most compact digital cameras. Durable, weatherproof plastic.


Price …… $19.95

Sahalie 1-800458-4438; www.sahalie.com 


s.o.l.%20survival%20pak%20front%20in%20package.jpgAdventure Medical Kit

Don’t get caught on your next trip - Survive Outdoors Longer - pack the S.O.L. Pak.
The new S.O.L. (Survive Outdoors Longer) Survival Pak groups together all of the essential survival components you need to stay alive in the outdoors and signal for rescue help if you happen to take a wrong turn or sustain an injury.  All of the gear comes in a waterproof dry bag with a sturdy clip, allowing you to securely attach it to your pack, belt or coat. Ideal for hikers, climbers, cyclists, backcountry skiers, campers, and just about every other kind of outdoor enthusiast. The S.O.L. weighs a meager 5.4 Oz., so it won’t slow you down when you want to travel light and fast. Includes: compass, mini rescue flash signal mirror, slim rescue howler whistle, waterproof and windproof survival matches, waterproof tinder quik, heatsheets survival blanket, survival fishing kit and duct tape. 


Price …… $25.00 


herrington-catalog_1975_565330317.gifMulti-port Power Inverter

Add AC and USB power to your car without draining the batteries. Just plug this multi-port power inverter into your cigarette lighter socket, and gain a 110-volt AC outlet on the road. Use it to run your laptop, video camera, or portable CD/DVD, or to recharge batteries while you drive. Dual USB ports power your iPod, Blackberry, PDA, or camera. And the additional cigarette lighter outlet means you’ll still be able to use your radar detector. 115 watts of continuous power gives you plenty of juice. Electronic circuit protection prevents damage due to overloading, short circuit, or over voltage. And it’s so small it easily tucks away into your console, or into your laptop’s carrying bag.  Includes automatic overheat/low battery protection.


Price …… $39.95

Herrington 1-800-903-5221; www.herringtoncatalog.com 


9522.jpeg Global Travel Atomic Alarm Clock

Planning a round the world venture? This state-of-the-art atomic radio controlled clock is the most precise in the world - it’s accurate within one second every million years - and you never need to worry about setting the time zones. Packed with everything you need in a travel clock: day/month display, backlight temperature; and alarm with five-minute snooze. Takes 2 AAA batteries (not included).


Price …… $49.50

Travelsmith 1-800-950-1600; www.travelsmith.com 

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