Epicurean Travel - Exploring a Destination Through Its Wine and Cuisine

Do you eat to live or are you one of us who lives to eat? There’s a lot you can learn about a country and a culture through its food and wine. Be adventurous! Try it all - from snails and candied fungi to jellyfish and grasshoppers. The taste may be as good as the stories you’ll have to tell! Here are some 5-star epicurean adventures to die for:

       132_20080409195454.jpg British Columbia - Okanagan Valley: Canada’s Wine Country

What better way to toast a day of hiking and biking amidst stunning vistas, meandering riverside pathways and hillside vineyards than with a glass of the finest local wine? How about making the toast while soaking in an outdoor hot tub? Austin-Lehman’s Okanagan Wine Country adventure vacation was named one of the “World’s 25 Best New Trips for 2007” by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. BC’s Okanagan Valley, aptly dubbed the “Napa of the North,” has yet to be widely discovered. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it’s been called one of the finest grape growing regions in the world - and an ideal setting for an active 6-day wine tasting adventure. Click HERE for more information



        132_20080409192346.jpgA Taste of Argentina: The Adventurous Cook’s Tour

Cook and eat your way through Argentina with Myths and Mountains! Discover a world of wines and gourmet food in South America’s hottest destination. Join renowned gastronomist Alejandro Frango for an appetizing round of in-depth culinary workshops in Buenos Aires. There’s also wine-tastings in Mendoza and dinner at one of the top 10 restaurants in the world. It’s a spicy sampling of empenadas and mate teas, parillas and asados, Malbecs and Merlots. Add a dash of hiking and horseback riding in the Andes to whet up an appetite for this tasty adventure! Click HERE for more information.



        132_20080409194672.jpgFrance: La Provence Complete (Cycling Adventure)

Sun-drenched Provence, land of endless pleasures, is the ideal choice for an indulgent epicurean get-away from EURO-Bike & Walking Tours. Enjoy charming market towns, world-renowned cuisine, majestic landscapes, and some of Europe’s most beguiling hotels. Experience the famous wine regions of Cote du Rhone, Gigondas, and Chateauneuf-du-Pape and indulge in a special dessert wine from the village of Beaumes-de-Venise. Bicycle on quiet farm roads surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, stopping at roadside attractions dating back to the Bronze Age. Then relax at exclusive hotels, savoring gourmet meals and outstanding local wines. Click HERE for more information. Ask about the special discounts on fall departures!



        132_20080409202050.jpgFrance: Provence - Pathways of the Impressionists (Walking Adventure)

Walkers on this trip brought to you by The Wayfarers, can step into foodie heaven with a symphony of flavors created by renowned Provencal Chef Edouard Loubet. The landscape that once inspired the impressionists now provides the essential ingredients for one of the top young chefs in Europe. Passionate about using only the freshest seasonal produce, Chef Loubet earned his first Michelin star by the time he was 25. During the trip, you will dine in the eponymous Restaurant Edouard Loubet at La Bastide de Capelongue - and enjoy the best of Provencal cuisine. Chef Loubet makes his own red and white wines which accompany the meal. Click HERE for more information.





        132_20080409200327.jpgPeru: Trekking to Machu Picchu - Lodge to Lodge

Now you can travel like Inca royalty and experience all the rave of Peru’s nuevoAndean cuisine at 12,000’ in the Andes with Wildland Adventures. The new Machu Picchu Mountain Lodges Trek is a 6-day luxury adventure that features a physical, cultural, and spiritual journey traversing ancient footpaths through the high Andes en route to the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu. Trekking from lodge to lodge you’ll enjoy the eclectic mix of Spanish, Arabic, African, and Asian influences that give rise to delicious Peruvian gastronomy paired with Peruvian, Chilean and Argentine wines. Click HERE for more information.




        132_20080409201360.jpgCroatia: Gourmet Delights Sailing the Dalmatian Coast

Explore Croatia’s charming island towns, isolated swimming coves and local vineyards and wineries with ROW Adventures. A seasoned Croatian guide and crew will fully immerse you in the local culture and history. Enjoy world renowned Dalmatian wines and Mediterranean cuisine on a vintage 11-day small yacht tour. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood are paired with local wines for an epicure’s delight.  Click HERE for more information.



Source: Trusted Adventures  www.trustedadventures.com. 

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