India is emerging as one of the world’s must-see travel destinations. Asia Transpacific Journeys, a luxury Asia travel company specializing in Custom Travel to India and in-depth Small Group Trips throughout India, sheds light on how to make sense of travel to India and its complexities.

Q: Where does one begin in India?

A: India is so vast and varied it’s best experienced on three different journeys. Begin with central India to explore stunning Rajasthan, sacred Varanasi and the sublime Taj Mahal—that classic India that you hold in your mind’s eye. On subsequent trips explore the tropical south and rugged northern Himalayan regions.

Q: How are the south and the north different?

A: The south feels like a different country, tropical and lush. This is the spice mecca Columbus sought. There is a languorous feel, and the ancient temple architecture is stunning. By contrast, the stark, snow-capped northern Himalayan region is home to ridge-top monasteries and contrasting Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu and mystic religious traditions.

Q: What are the accommodations like throughout India?

A: Not only is luxury travel to India possible, it’s superlative in every sense. In central India it’s possible to stay at restored maharajah’s palaces that rank among the world’s greatest hotels, breathtaking in scope and form. In the south most properties are traditionally appointed boutique hotels and converted private mansions. In the Himalayan region expect rustic lodges and a few luxurious spa retreats.

Q: What are the benefits of private, custom travel to India with Asia Transpacific Journeys?  

A: Going with a knowledgeable, reputable travel company will assure consistently excellent quality in lodging, transport, logistics and local guides. Additionally, a custom journey can be crafted around a traveler’s unique interests, such as the arts, yoga, cuisine, trekking, wildlife, tribal cultures, spas or schools.

About Asia Transpacific Journeys
Asia Transpacific Journeys is a Boulder, Colorado based Asia travel company and Asia tour operator specializing in Custom Journeys and Small Group Trips to Asia and the Pacific region since 1987.  Outstanding service, long-standing connections in Asia and deeply insightful cultural interpretation make them the Asia travel company of choice for the American Museum of Natural History, The Harvard and Yale alumni associations, the World Wildlife Fund, as well as discerning individuals, their families and friends. The recipient of three “Top Travel Specialists” awards for 2007 from Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Journey Beyond the Ordinary ™

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