Who hasn’t dreamed about visiting Italy? What nobody dreams of, however, are the high prices and bad exchange rate, which can turn the fantasy holiday you’ve been planning into one filled with headaches and counting pennies. Fortunately, there are ways of beating the dollar crunch and still enjoying a memorable, fulfilling trip to Italy this summer. Just small changes can add up, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice too much of the things that makes vacations to Italy so special.


Accommodations are usually the biggest drain on your travel budget, so choosing where to lay your head is very important. Generally, the closer you stay to the centre of the main tourist towns like Florence and Rome, the higher the price tag will be. Outside in the surrounding countryside, however, not only do rental rates drop, but options grow so you have more flexibility in terms of what you’re willing to pay.

Villas in popular provinces like Tuscany, Umbria and Campania are a great option for travelers looking to save money but who still want to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Italy. Luxury Retreats, www.luxuryretreats.com, offers villa rentals in all sizes and price ranges, so there are properties to suit every budget. To get the best deal, it’s helpful to travel with a larger group and rent villas with four, five or more bedrooms. The more people who split the cost of the rental, the cheaper it will be.

Once in Italy, it is easy to cut costs. Going to restaurants every night adds up, but visitors can take advantage of the country’s gourmet tradition and stock up at local markets instead. Cooking for yourself in the villa’s kitchen isn’t just frugal, it can be fun.

No matter what kind of accommodation you choose, paying for a trip to Italy in advance with a US operator like Luxury Retreats and doing so in US dollars automatically saves money on the exchange rate.

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Source: Luxury Retreats