Wildlife, whales and wonder make Mexico’s Sea of Cortés an ideal location for a photography expedition.

Safari Quest, Sea of Cortez, ©Ellen Barone.Join me and my husband, Hank, aboard American Safari Cruises’ 22-passenger Safari Quest, March 19 - 26, 2011, for a photography-themed cruise and learn tips and techniques as you capture images of cactus, whales and dolphins, sea birds and the remarkable scenery of the islands.

Trip Highlights:

  • By luxury yacht, kayak, motorized inflatable boat and on foot, encounter flora and fauna that are found nowhere else in the world.
  • In this World Heritage biosphere reserve, experience pods of dolphins numbering in the thousands and view many whale species including the largest living being on earth — the blue whale.
  • Enjoy exclusive cultural experiences including a visit to tiny Isla Coyote where fishermen and their families live in the only permanent settlement in the islands.
  • Along the way enjoy snorkeling with juvenile sea lions and myriad forms of sea life, a burro ride into the arroyos, and plenty of time for kayaking, sailing, water skiing and beachcombing.


FYI: There is a $500 per person value added savings in place that applied to bookings under deposit before January 14, 2011. TELL A FRIEND!

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Ellen Barone has been creating words and images for travel and tourism since 1998. She co-founded and publishes the group travel blog YourLifeIsATrip.com and is currently at work on her first book "I Could Live Here".