Introducing the Newest Member of the travel family: ‘SkyMama’ Stacey Marcus.


SkyMama, Stacey MarcusWith humor and insight on how to go global with (and without) teenage daughters, a golf-addicted husband and her beloved bichon, travel and lifestyle writer, Stacey Marcus, brings her travel tips on a galaxy of places to enjoy, with or without your family, to


Once upon a time Stacey blew on a dandelion and wished she would meet the man of her dreams, get married and raise a family. Lucky for her the magic worked and she was blessed with all the above. She adores her family but like most candid women, sometimes she wishes she could just fly away and relish in the wonder of her own identity perfumed with the scent of her own ideas and interests.

Thus was the genesis of SkyMama, a magic carpet to travel out of the everyday world into new places where the sky truly is the limit.

I first met Stacey a few years ago during a visit to Los Cabos. I loved her humor, graciousness and intelligence immediately and couldn’t be more thrilled to host her tips, insights and travels at

Check back often and watch SkyMama grow!

Bon voyage,




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