Everyone knows that the new TSA rules are designed to keep us safe, but they can be a major hassle, too.  Remain seated for the last hour? What if you need something from your carry-on bag stored above?  

SeV Evolution JacketThere is an approved solution already on the market from SeV/SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing. I’m a huge fan and rarely leave home without my SeV women’s travel vest.

Containing slim, interior pockets, each SeV piece is designed to carry what you need on your flight– even a netbook or eBook reader – and can be easily taken off and passed through the x-ray at security without emptying each pocket.  With some pieces containing upwards of 50 pockets, SeV clothing just makes good sense for air travel these days:

  • Easy-access pockets designed for specific items travelers carry, such as boarding passes, ID, cameras and much more. Icons stitched onto the interior pockets act as a map to help you find what you’re looking for without fumbling.
  • SeV’s patented Personal Area Network (P.A.N.) - which manages wires and earbuds through the jacket’s lining, keeping them from tangling.
  • Clear Touch fabric, which allows a traveler to see and control their iPod® (and cell phone, when appropriate) through the fabric without removing the device.
  • NoBulge™ pocket design - just because you wear your carry-on, you don’t need to look like it.
  • Weight Management System™ engineered to balance the weight from these added devices. This system is much more ergonomic than wearing a bag that puts all the weight on one shoulder.

To see the full line of SeV clothing, visit www.scottevest.com or The Travel Store at EllenBarone.com


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