I’m a longtime user and fan of SCOTTEVEST tech-enabled clothing as a stylish and convenient way to carry gadgets.

Recently the company released their new Blackout Pocket, a standalone pocket made to keep your most sensitive information private using a technology similar to that which law enforcement and the military utilize to preserve electronic evidence. 

An ideal stocking-stuffer for the gadget loving traveler on your list, the pocket is designed to protect your cell phone, credit cards, passport, and mobile devices from the nefarious efforts of identity thieves, RFID (radio-frequency identification) skimmers or NSA surveillance.


Available in three levels of protection, and offered at a discounted introductory price, the Blackout Pocket is lined with proprietary RFID Armor material to protect your digital valuables. 

  • Level 1 provides a basic level of RFID blocking security, to guard your wallet, passport and credit cards from RFID skimmers.  This is useful for everyday use and travel to urban areas and foreign countries, where “digital pickpocketing” is on the rise.  Some newer SCOTTEVEST jackets and vests have Level 1 protection built into a specific pocket; this Blackout Pocket extends that protection as a standalone pocket. 
  • Level 2 is an industrial grade pocket.  In addition to the Level 1 protection of RFID-enabled credit cards and passports, you can drop any consumer cell phone in the pocket, seal it and be “off grid” within 3-5 seconds.  No service, no GPS, no way to track you.  Your phone, and thus you, will become invisible.  Even if you turn off your mobile, it is still trackable… unless it’s in a Level 2 Blackout Pocket.  Since iPhones do not have removable batteries, this is your only way to keep your whereabouts and information safe from the NSA. 
  • Level 3 is available only to law enforcement, government and specialist organizations. Email tactical@scottevest.com for special orders. 

“People have been asking us for years when we’d be able to roll out an RFID-blocking feature for all of our gear” said Scott Jordan, CEO of Scottevest.  “We’re proud to announce today that now you can have RFID - and even full cell phone - protection in any SCOTTEVEST pocket you’d like with the addition of the Blackout Pocket.”

Check out this video of SCOTTEVEST CEO Scott Jordan showcasing the features:

Riding on the extreme popularity of the Brad Thor Alpha Jacket (their fourth run sold out in a day), SCOTTEVEST is embedding the RFID-skimmer blocking Blackout Pocket technology in more of their soon-to-be-released clothing products to protect your most sensitive information.

The Blackout Pocket is available exclusively online at www.SCOTTEVEST.com/blackout.


Founded in 2000, SCOTTEVEST engineers tech-enabled clothing with hidden, travel-friendly pockets. After 13 years of product innovation later, their clothing line has grown to include over 40 stylish, top-quality and functional items for men and women. SCOTTEVEST was the first clothing company to make a pocket designed to carry the iPad, and continues to revolutionize the industry with RFID-blocking pockets, clear touch pockets for touchscreen devices, and the patented Personal Area Network (PAN) from TEC - Technology Enabled Clothing ®. SCOTTEVEST is a privately held company headquartered in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho.

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