Retirement used to mean slowing down. These days, it seems to mean just the opposite. Healthy, active retirees are redefining the term by filling their golden years with excitement and adventure. For the truly adventurous, adventure travel company, Myths and Mountains, offers a motorcycle tour down Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Over two weeks, the tour takes riders from Hanoi to Saigon on 125 cc motorcycles. The trail cuts through historic and tribal areas, and through landmarks of the American Vietnam war like the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh himself.

Accommodations are not necessarily for the silver spoon crowd. While hotels in major cities are luxurious, those in rural parts of the country are basic. For those adventurers willing to take the plunge, though, the trip creates memories that last a lifetime. As one rider described it, “I traveled all around the world, but this is the first time I have traveled in the world.”

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Myths and Mountains, Inc. is a cultural adventure travel company offering journeys year round to Asia, southeast Asia, the Pacific Rim and South America.

Source: Adventure Media


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