I know I’d love to view tigers in the wild.

I know India is a mind-bending destination that’s been transforming travelers for centuries.

But knowing whether my tourism dollars should, or should not, go to supporting tiger tracking in India… not so much. 

That’s why I rely on organizations like National Geographic, Sustainable Travel, and the Adventure Travel Trade Association, to help inform my travel choices. 

So ever since Wildland Adventures’ Tigers and Travels trip to India was recognized by National Geographic Traveler magazine as a 2011 Tour of a Lifetime, I’ve been itching to go. 

On this 19-day tour, guests search for tigers in the famed Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks, explore ancient forts and castles, and are immersed in the contemporary cultural fabric of modern India.

Based from sustainable jungle lodges and restored manor homes and palaces, travelers learn about the current state of tigers in India and how tourism-supported programs such as Wildlands’ 10,000 Tigers initiative are working to bring these big cats back from the brink of extinction by empowering communities to protect their habitat and end illegal poaching.

The best part? By participating on this trip you help save tigers, in part by supporting the local communities around the parks so they benefit from ecotourism. 

I’m sold. You?

Wildland Adventures, “Tigers and Travels in India”, nineteen-day trips from $5,595 per person,
Tel: (800)345-4453, Web: www.WildlandAdventures.com.


About Wildland Adventures

For more than two decades, Wildland Adventures has been leading the way in adventure travel and ecotourism, not just to new destinations, but pioneering new approaches to travel with handcrafted trips that not only strengthen humanity, but help build the kind of inter-cultural, interpersonal and environmental bonds that enhance, rather than exploit, the people and places they visit. Wildland Adventures is a founding member of Trusted Adventures, an alliance of top adventure travel companies offering adventure trips around the world.

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