There’s a Portuguese party going on over on our sister site,, where each day this week we’re celebrating and sharing some very cool places to eat and drink, stay, visit and explore, focusing the spotlight on the “undiscovered” nature of the country.

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To whet your appetite here are just a few of their Portugal recommendations:

Portugal Biking: From Ancient Towns to Douro Valley Vineyards

Departs May, August-October


Peel back layers of history and tradition as you journey through this captivating corner of northern Portugal. Pedal along pastoral lanes from the ancient market town of Ponte de Lima to Guimarães, a World Heritage site and the birthplace of Portugal. Spin into the stunning Douro Valley, where wine has been produced for nearly two millennia. Explore historic landmarks, climb pine-covered mountains, and encounter friendly locals on horse-drawn carts. Along the way, sample delectable port wine and fresh seafood, and… more

Portugal: Lisbon and the Silver Coast

Departs June


The journey to Portugal offers magical landscapes of sandy beaches rimmed by burnished-gold cliffs, fantastic Manueline architecture, fairytale walled towns, hilltop windmills and Moorish castles. The dramatic history of the Knights Templar and of the Portuguese discoveries is softened by the coral-colored hibiscus flowers and purple wisteria wrapping around centuries old stone walls, elegantly painted ceramic tiles and soulful fado music. Portugal is a blissfully undiscovered destination with glorious beaches, bewitching grandeur of baroque palaces, superb cuisine, amazing wines and… more

Portugal Portugal for Families

Departs April, June, July


Centuries ago, Portugal was a pioneer of worldwide exploration, but not until recently has this hidden European gem become known as an ideal place for active vacations. Portugal is like a living history book, where medieval villages still exist and ancient castles and cathedrals rise on hills, so come join Thomson Family Adventures for a journey of discovery where you and your children will walk into history . Our itinerary is guaranteed to capture the imaginations of parents and… more


Portugal: Northern

Departs Year-round


Northern Portugal is one of the most scenic and historic parts of Portugal and the birthplace of the nation. Ancient castles, historic monasteries and Roman roads abound. Lively ports, vineyard paths, and traditional villages are part of our walking adventure. Our journey includes the UNESCO World Heritage city of Porto, which lent its name to the famous wine and to Portugal.   The Douro River, which winds through steep valleys lined with terraced vineyards.   We visit on foot as… more


Portugal: The Douro River 

Departs August, September


Join Explorers’ Corner for an exclusive travel experience in one of Europe’s “secret” adventure travel destinations - the Douro River Valley in northern Portugal. We’ve spent nearly a decade refining this special adventure with our Portuguese friends, who have long-term relationships with Douro River Valley families. This is a rare opportunity for us to share our warm personal connections with these lovely families. This trip combines fun and good exercise between stays in one fabulous wine farm (Quinta) after another.… more


8 Day Spain & Portugal Signature

Departs Year-round


Strategically located on the Meditteranean, Barcelona enjoys a temperate climate, a magnificent historical gothic centre, is the epicentre of all things gastronomic, and is somewhat of an architect’s dream with the many art deco buildings scattered throughout the city. Madrid, home of the royals, the enormous city centre public garden known as El Retiro, the Prado museum and the Plaza Major - one of the finest squares in Spain also has many alluring qualities to attract the visitor. Lisbon is… more



About Portugal:

Portugal is the closest nation in Continental Europe to the U.S., easy to get to, and offers some of the best values in Europe for the American traveler.

Discover more castles per capita than anywhere else into world, popular forms of music, like the Fado that stretches back 1,000 years. Imagine the most modern of hotels rising like a cloud above mystic hills. Discover Portugal.



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