Escaping to Yellowstone National Park might not feel like an escape when you’re among the throngs of tourists clustered at Old Faithful. But there is an alternative. A Wild Yellowstone one-night vacation experience, created by Far and Away Adventures, begins with a half-hour cabin cruiser ride across Yellowstone Lake (the nation’s largest lake at over 7,500 feet above sea level) to a secluded dock. From there, a short sea kayak or canoe paddle transports you to a private camp hidden among one of the one hundred and ten miles of pristine shorelines that comprise the massive lake. Perfect for the family who wants to truly “unplug” and enjoy Yellowstone (minus the masses), this trip offers plenty of relaxation and adventure.  
This 24-hour trip also includes a chance to experience the legendary wilderness, world-renowned wildlife, luxury “safari style” camping, and professional wilderness guides.  This is a unique opportunity to take a step back to quieter times, while not venturing too far off the beaten path.  Far and Away guests arrive to a beautiful and secluded camp that is expertly prepared with all the comforts of home, plus some extras. Your chalet tent is set up for you, the bar table is arranged with freshly prepared appetizers, and each gourmet meal is served with a special flare that you’ve never seen before in the wilderness. Far and Away will also make certain to create a special children’s menu so that everyone is happy at the dining table. 
The encampment is set up for adventure and luxury. Tents exceeding 100 square feet in size provide guests with their own private retreat. The floors are covered with rugs, with elevated beds, comfy bedding, and sumptuous full-size pillows create the perfect setting for sweet dreams. Outside, lanterns romantically light the night, and steamed hand towels are delivered tentside upon awakening. 
Far and Away has been sharing the excitement of paddling with adventuresome guests since 1980. Its Wild Yellowstone experience runs with daily noon hour departures offered throughout the summer. Adults: $375, Children: $325.
For more details contact Far & Away Adventures; toll free 800-232-8588 or visit
Source: Far & Away Adventures.


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