Exciting New Family Trips for Summer 2010


With spring just around the corner, now is the time to begin making summer travel plans for you and your family. Looking to experience China, but want to make sure that your vacation is family-friendly? WildChina recently unveiled new family programs that will make your trip planning easy. Consider these three options:


1.    A Classic China Family Vacation: Beijing, Xi’an, Guangxi and Shanghai ~ A tour of China’s most classic sights and ideal for families with children between 6-16 years old, this 11-day trip makes learning about China fun and interactive: you’ll make hand-pulled noodles, learn the martial art of kungfu, visit local homes and experience a countryside elementary school to see what real life in China is like. At night, you’ll feel right at home in family-friendly accommodations. Departure upon request.

2.    A Cultural Family Vacation: Beijing, Henan, Xi’an, Yunnan, and Shanghai ~ This 14-day small-group journey for families brings you to the heart and frontiers of China. Ideal for families with children between 6-16 years old, this trip offers a “mobile classroom,” allowing you to learn about Chinese culture in fun and interactive ways. You’ll make dumplings in a traditional Beijing alleyway home; learn Shaolin kungfu from a student monk; and talk to Naxi and Bai ethnic minority villagers about their lives. This trip includes family-friendly accommodations as well. Departs July 11, 2010 & August 1, 2010.

3.    Family Adventures in Tibet: On the Roof of the World ~ This 7-day small-group journey, specially designed for families, offers an adventurous and interactive look at Tibet: you’ll sip yak butter tea with a local Tibetan family; witness monks debate sacred texts in one of Tibetan Buddhism’s most revered monasteries; and even print your own prayer flags. Departs June 27, 2010 & August 8, 2010.


For more information, click on the links above or visit www.wildchina.com.


WildChina is a premium, sustainable travel company based in Beijing. Started in 2000 by Mei Zhang, a native of Yunnan Province and a Harvard MBA, WildChina offers distinctive, ecologically sensitive journeys to all corners of China. WildChina creates bespoke trips highlighted by rich personal interactions and superior access to experts and venues. We cater to an exclusive and sophisticated clientele interested in exploring the real China behind the world-beating factories.

At WildChina, adventure and luxury are synonymous, meaning that we bring comfort to a truly distinctive experience. We plan every trip with the knowledge that our guests expect the highest quality of service and pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail.

Whether interested in seeing an untouched landscape, or exploring another side of Shanghai, WildChina’s journeys will undoubtedly allow you to Experience China Differently!


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Source: Wild China

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