Meet K2 designers and try unreleased test skis and prototypes for the 2011-2012 season. This limited adventure from Canadian Mountain Holidays is perfect for people who love heli-skiing and testing new products. 

Join CMH Heli-Skiing and K2 Skis this winter (March 12 - 19, 2011) and be among the first to test out K2’s upcoming line of 2011-12 skis. You will have access to a variety of unreleased K2 test skis during a Heli-Ski week with CMH. K2 designers will be on-hand with prototype skis, and they will gather your valued feedback on an assortment of performance metrics of each ski model you choose to take for a ride.

The designers will then take your comments back to the K2 Headquarters and fine-tune the skis with your comments in mind. Your reward for all this hard work? A free pair 2011-2012 K2 skis once they are released in the fall of 2011.

Get more Heli-Skiing details at Canadian Mountain Holidays

Source: The Adventure Collection


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