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A vacation in Africa evokes mystery, wonder and above all else, adventure. If you were to ask 100 people what their #1 dream vacation is, a safari in Africa would probably top the list. However, Africa is incredibly diverse and making a decision about where to go and what to do can be an overwhelming challenge.  

In 2010 Austin-Lehman Adventures (ALA) director, Dan Austin, spent months studying the available options in Africa.  He traveled to South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana, exploring firsthand the diverse options.  He met with dozens of lodge operators, did countless game drives, visited villages and got to know at least 10 different tribes. He ate Mopane Worms in Windhoek, Wart Hog in Pamwag and Eland in Katima.  He hiked, drove, boated and biked his way across these 5 countries all to understand the best of the best.

Once he had a better understanding of the where, he went to work on the how and who. After talking with a dozen ground operators before leaving the states, he was very pleased to meet face-to-face with 3 of the best in all of Africa.  He spent hours poring over maps and researching accommodations, all with a keen eye on value.  Working hand in hand, the team worked together to come up with the following 3 diverse and exciting itineraries (see below) that highlight some of the best that Africa has to offer.

The respected Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said:“Africans believe in something that is difficult to render into English. We call it ubuntu, botho. It means the essence in being human. You know when it is there and you know when it is absent.  It speaks about hospitality, humanness  gentleness, hospitality, putting yourself out on behalf of others, being vulnerable.  It embraces compassion and toughness. It recognizes that my humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

Isn’t it time you experienced ubuntu, botho for yourself? Take a few minutes and look at the 3 itineraries listed below. Sit back and dream of tracking Black Rhinos in Namibia, kayaking the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, or fishing for Tiger Fish on the Zambezi River - and then let Austin-Lehman Adventures turn that dream into a reality. 


Travel by foot, truck, mountain bike and houseboat on this family-friendly African safari, chock full of wildlife & wilderness.

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Kayak with African penguins, float by a 50-ton Southern Right Whale and ride horseback through coastal forests of fynbos.

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With sweeping deserts, traditional culture and remarkable flora and fauna, Namibia is among the world’s best kept secrets.

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