From The Top To The Bottom, Enjoy Summer With Wildland Adventures.

It’s that time of year when travelers turn their world upside down and look south to the dramatic landscapes, vibrant cultures and exotic wildlife that summer in the southern hemisphere brings. From the deserts of Atacama and the tropical rainforests of Iguazu Falls to the Patagonian Ice Cap in Torres del Paine, exchange your North American winter for summer travel in Chile and Argentina with Wildland AdventuresAsk about their active South America adventures featuring a broad range of accommodations from luxury camping to boutique lodges.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the world, if you’re already dreaming of those long Alaskan summer days, they’ve added three new Alaska wilderness adventure voyages to their 2011 itineraries. Their active small-ship adventures offer daily kayaking and hiking opportunities as we explore the isolated bays and secret passageways of Alaska’s spectacular Inside Passage and breathtaking Glacier Bay.


About Wildland Adventures

Wildland Adventures offers family adventure vacations worldwide within Africa, South America, Europe and the United States.


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