And you thought algebra was useless…

The new FREE search tool for flight-specific baggage information, developed by a high school algebra teacher, Luke Dudley, goes further than any other website in finding flight luggage information. The website allows the user to enter an airline, along with the departure and arrival airports then uses that information to find the exact luggage policy on their selected flight. Not stopping at simple checked baggage information, this site also provides the same flight specific information on flights’ carry-on baggage, excess baggage sizes & costs. It also allows the user to browse through all the different ticket class baggage policies including airline club benefits, on the specified flight.

“Interpreting airline luggage policies from their websites can be daunting,” said website founder Luke Dudley, who, as a boarding school Algebra teacher, took notice of this problem through students during the summer of 2008. “Seeing the students travel to and from school on a regular basis with numerous items of baggage, and at a time when jet fuel and airline hidden fees were rapidly increasing, gave me the idea for an online resource that can help travelers avoid, or at least prepare for, these extra costs.”

Dudley initially hoped to create a database full of handy airline specific policies not only on excess baggage, but oversized sporting equipment, fragile electronics, etc. While employed as a full time teacher, he worked simultaneously to nurture his idea with the hope of having the database available by the oncoming school year. However, he quickly realized that the world of air travel was far more extensive than he originally anticipated.

Since its inception, the site has come to include more than 55 major carriers within the US, Canada and the UK, and approximately 3000 world-wide airports with airport-specific information. However, the US carriers are only a starting point. Dudley plans to greatly expand the site’s capabilities in the future to include non-US carriers’ policies and more extensive destination information.
Currently listing luggage information on 64 major airlines
Currently holds information on over 3,000 airports
Service is free, without required membership, e-mail sign-up or any personal information.

* As a former math teacher, I had to share this. :) Go Dudley!


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