America’s Newest International Crossing

The 2000 mile border the United States shares with Mexico has dramatically increased focus on security in recent years. One adverse impact of this increased security is that bottlenecks are created at the border in the distribution pipeline of products and travelers between the two countries. Enter the much anticipated Anzalduas International Bridge set to open in October 2009 and connecting Mission, Texas (part of the larger McAllen MSA), to Reynosa, Mexico.

“Anzalduas will be the newest and one of largest border crossings in the country, and will directly increase traffic flow for industrial, retail, commercial travelers and tourists,” said Pat Townsend Jr., CEO of the Mission Economic Development Authority.

“This is a very unique international area and we have to keep the traffic flowing,” said Townsend. Businesses and commerce here is booming, and the Anzalduas Bridge is going to help spur even more growth to the area.

Source: Mission Economic Development Authority

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