According to PCWORLD, Over 85,000 phones, 21,000 PDAs and 4,500 notebook computers are left behind in taxis every year. Well, now there is an easy way for someone to turn those items in as well as have them returned.

Founded in 2004, Atlanta-based is a non-traditional lost and found service that provides identification and recovery for items of value.  In addition to offering an affordable and user-friendly solution for owners to proactively label and register their valuables, makes it easy for the finders of lost items to act on their honesty.

Two of the most common reasons that lost items are not returned to their owners are the inability to identify the owner of the lost item and the lack of an easy way to return the found item. The system, with its user-friendly label registration and reporting system, solves both of these issues. makes it easy for finders of lost items to return the items to their owners by providing:

  • Personalized labels containing a unique ID code
  • Choice of toll-free and online “found item” reporting
  • Over 4,000 drop-off locations at all of The UPS Store® locations
  • Pick-up service from any residence or business location
  • Support for international shipping of found items
  • A gift rewarding the finder’s honesty

In keeping with the company’s mission to promote honesty and aid those in need, 20% of the online purchases of labels are donated to charities. Before finalizing an online purchase, customers choose a charitable organization from a list that includes organizations such as World Vision, Doctors Without Borders and March of Dimes.

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