MedjetAssist, the nation’s premier emergency medical evacuation program, has launched a new, expanded version of its PLUS program, offering members added peace of mind while traveling.

In addition to the standard MedjetAssist guarantee to repatriate members who are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, the new PLUS program offers:

  • MedFlash, which allows a member to store medical and personal information online and on a handy flash device that will work on any PC with a USB port, for immediate access in any emergency situation.  Think of it as the next generation of emergency medical bracelets and IDs.
  • Free international cell phone rental, equipping members traveling internationally with a phone that works in 170 countries and includes voicemail, text messaging and free incoming calls.  All daily rental charges are waived.  Member just pays airtime and shipping.
  • Satellite phone rental, which allows members access to a satellite phone at discounted rates and free incoming calls, while traveling to areas not serviced by cellular providers.
  • Up-to-the-minute trip intelligence, including news updates in more than 260 cities and 180 countries.
  • Cash advance of up to $50,000 for medical emergencies in advance of treatment, should it be necessary.
  • Plus Member Discounts — a variety of rewards and member-only privileges, from GPS discounts to travel products.                                                                               

“The PLUS program takes the freedom to travel, stay healthy and remain in control of one’s own medical care to a whole new level,” says Roy Berger, President and CEO of MedjetAssist, “and that’s what MedjetAssist is all about.”

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MedjetAssist is the premier emergency medical evacuation membership program for travelers.  If a member is hospitalized more than 150 miles from home-virtually anywhere in the world-MedjetAssist reviews his or her condition both with the attending medical staff and the member’s own physicians, and provides a medically equipped and staffed aircraft to fly the member free of charge to the hospital of his choice.  MedjetAssist has its corporate headquarters in Birmingham, AL, and in 2008, was named the exclusive provider of worldwide air ambulance and medical repatriation services for AARP. 

Source: Geoffrey Weill Associates 

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