Have you ever had a meltdown; a life-altering collapse that rocked your world, then set you on a new path and a new way of thinking?

Globe-trotting visual artist, Lisl Dennis, experienced hers more than a decade ago along the muddy Nile River in the depths of West Africa amidst a cast of characters all too ready to sink her boat. Now, after eddying out  into solitude and introspection, she emerges with humor, grace and an engaging multimedia program, to share her story with others.

Last weekend I attended her inaugural gathering at Studio de la Luz in the quirky little spa town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  Incorporating morning yoga and breathwork, we spent the weekend learning, listening and sharing our own personal stories. It was an inspiring weekend that breathed new life and creativity into my life and left me inspired to: breathe deeper, dance more, love bigger, and dust off the peace within.

Lisl is taking this show on the national road, so check her schedule often to see how you can attend. Click here for more information.

*video courtesy of Lisl Dennis
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