Travel mishaps can happen to even the most seasoned travelers. When one frustrated Fodor’s member recently vented about booking the wrong flights for an upcoming trip, several fellow Forums posters empathized by disclosing their own slip-ups. Check out some of the do’s and don’ts that came out of this group confession.

From Fodor’s Forums: What’s your biggest travel mistake?

  1. Do look carefully at flight times and dates before booking.
  2. Do hold your tongue and check your flight’s seating chart.
  3. Don’t postpone travel to a destination with favorable currency exchange rates.
  4. Don’t cancel the credit card tied to your reservations.
  5. Do take a good look around your car before setting out on a road trip.
  6. Do a mental run-through of your departure day ahead of time.
  7. Do consider the season of your destination.
  8. Don’t assume just any hotel in a beach destination will do.
  9. Do book a room for every night of your stay.
  10. Don’t assume your hotel room’s rate won’t change.
  11. Do update your driver’s license.
  12. Do carry a good map with you at all times.

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