Imagine traveling with all the right things with only one carry-on bag! Sound impossible? Read what the travel experts at Magellan's Travel Supplies have to say on the subject:

Why Carry-on?
Mishandling of checked luggage is on the rise, with more than six out of every thousand travelers experiencing problems with delayed, damaged, and lost luggage. Add to that the time wasted at the luggage carousel, and the hassle of hauling a large and heavy suitcase and it's clear why so many seasoned travelers choose to carry-on.

Smart Packing.
Start with your suitcase. Older bags (even soft-sided luggage) can weigh 15 pounds or more empty. New luggage has been developed with light weight in mind, often coming in at less than half the weight of older bags. These new bags are made with modern materials that are very light but durable, without giving up the convenience of wheels and telescoping handles.

Begin packing a few days early, laying out all of the clothing you think you might need. Then spend a day or two removing items that aren't strictly necessary, are too heavy or bulky, or don't match the rest of your travel wardrobe.

To avoid wrinkles and airport security delays, pack in easily inspected modules. Mesh cubes, mesh pockets, and packing folders keep your clothing organized, neatly folded, and compacted, and can belifted out individually during inspection without disturbing your...

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