It’s a common packing dilemma for on-the-go travelgirls: How do you limit yourself to two pairs of shoes when you really want to pack a closet full?

Thanks to Quick Change Artist’s Onesole line of interchangeable shoes, you can lighten your load and change your style with a snap. Each Onesole shoe has interchangeable tops made of soft, stretchy neoprene that can be snapped off and on to a fashionable variety of lightweight soles.

On a recent trip to Mexico, I packed a single pair of Onesole shoes and three tops and matched every outfit in my bag.

And now, Onesole’s stylish selection of comfortable wedges, sexy sandals and practical clogs with interchangeable tops can be personalized and customized and made to match any design, fabric, handbag, pattern, even accessory items: It's as simple as emailing a photo.

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