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Who Doesn’t Like To Save Money? Check out these money saving tips from the editors at CARIBBEAN TRAVEL & LIFE magazine.


1. LOVE TO DINE: Sure you love to dine with the gourmands at the Caribbean’s top restaurants, but you can save a bundle by renting a hotel room with a kitchenette and eating in. Or, consider local takeout- joints.

2. PACKAGE DEALS:   Be sure to ask your resort or cruise line about package deals that combine airfare, accommodations, sports and spa treatments in one deal. You’ll save good money on taxes and fees.

3. TRAVELING DURING THE LOW SEASON: You can save from 20 to 60 percent on accommodations by traveling during the low season. Before making reservations, check your resort’s website for specific discounted dates, or call the reservations’ desk and ask. 

4.  SET SAIL ON A CRUISE: Want to hit more than one Caribbean destination on your next vacation without shelling out the cash to get to each spot? Set sail on a cruise for five, seven or even nine nights, and make your way through the islands. All onboard meals and activities are included in the rate. 

5. ROMANTIC DINNER FOR TWO: Forgo the ocean-view balcony suite and take in the serene setting of a garden - or pool-view room. You can use the money you saved toward a romantic dinner for two actually on the beach.

6. WEDDING PACKAGES:  Once you realize that the average American wedding costs $20,000 you’ll instead want to opt for inviting your closest family members and friends for an intimate Caribbean beach wedding. Hotels often have wedding packages, plus you can turn the rest of the trip into your honeymoon.

7. RENTING A VILLA:  If you’re traveling with a large family or with friends, consider renting a villa instead of taking multiple rooms at a resort. Though villa prices look expensive at first blush, when you divide by the number of rooms you’d have to book, and consider intangibles like having your own kitchen, pool, and private grounds, it can be a great deal.

8. ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORTS: All-inclusive resorts are excellent values for those who know they’ll take advantage of everything the resort has to offer. Big drinkers, big eaters and those who enjoy all the included beach toys and water sports can save a bunch over a similar quality of a la carte hotel. For those who prefer to see the surrounding area, sample the local food and don’t use the toys, non-inclusive resorts can be the better choice.

9. A FOREIGN VACATION: A foreign vacation is a great opportunity to expand your horizons and learn about other cultures. One of the most enjoyable ways is to skip the familiar chain restaurants and eat at local places and even roadside stands. Ask the cooks to make recommendations. Some must-trys are:

  • Jerk barbecue and beef patties in Jamaica.
  • Cracked conch in the Bahamas
  • Empanadas in Puerto Rico
  • Shark ‘n’ Bake in Trinidad

For food safety at roadside stands, only eat cooked foods that are still hot, and fruits and vegetables that you peel

10. LOCAL TRANSPORTATION:   Local transport can unexpectedly eat up a lot of your budget. Rental car prices can be high in Jamaica, for example, because credit card issuers like American Express do not cover the collision insurance as it does for domestic rentals. In Bermuda, there are no rental cars, and taxis are very expensive. A great alternative, though, are the excellent local buses, which will take you all around the island for only a few dollars.

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