Ever sit on the couch watching The Amazing Race, and say: "I could do that!"...Well, now you can!

GreatEscape2008, the around-the-world travel competition is looking for fifty globetrotting adventurers to take A Blind Date With The World? and compete for the annual title of The World's Greatest Traveler(TM).

The Global Scavenger Hun(TM), scheduled for next spring can be your ticket to fulfilling a dream adventure by offering the most intrepid of global travelers a three-week around-the-world travel adventure. Travelers will race from Los Angeles to New York--the long way!

For three magical weeks, 25 Teams of two will travel the globe visiting at least 10 countries scattered across 4 continents like Indiana Jones' (and Jane's) hot on the path of the Holy Grail. Teams earn points by completing a series of cultural-oriented scavenges (finding Buddha's tooth in Sri Lanka; explaining Thai cooking flavors; visiting King Tut) and challenges (take a photo of a wild orangutan in Indonesia; enter a camel race in India; learn to belly dance in Turkey) in exotic destinations. A cultural immersion at its best, the event is designed to be a rally rather than a flat out race. The object is to test each Team's ability to combat not only the inevitable jetlag, but language difficulties, LGIUM

Teams and single travelers alike, looking to participate are asked to visit The Global Scavenger Hunt's official website GlobalScavengerHunt.com and enter online or call 310.281.7809. Travelers will be interviewed for suitability and asked to help in the events fundraising goal of raising a million dollars for charities like: KIVA, CARE, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF and Partners in Health.


What? A 10-country, 4-continent, 3-week around-the-world global scavenger hunt travel adventure competition that will send players on A Blind Date With The World™. A combination of a race/rally, contestants will be doing things, solving riddles, following cryptic clues, answering travel trivia and looking for physical hints to discover unique and extraordinary items as they are culturally immersed in our Global Village. Previous events where held in 2002, 2004, 2005.

Who? Limited to Twenty-five Teams of two will compete for The World's Greatest Travelers™ crown in this first of its kind global race/rally. The annual travel competition is open to anybody who thinks they have the international savvy and know-how to compete on an international gameboard.

When? The competition begins again on April 11th, 2008 from some get-away on the West Coast of North America and will end three weeks later on May 3rd in New York City.

How? Each person will pay or raise $9,900 to participate in the three week event and for the chance to be crowned The Worlds Greatest Travelers™ and other prizes. That entry fee includes all their international air travel and first class hotels in each exotic scavenger hunt destination over the 23-day event.

Why? Along with the world-class fun, prizes and trophies, GreatEscape2008® has a goal of raising $1 million for worthy international charitable causes with GreatEscape Foundation.

Where? A circumnavigation of the globe. A true around-the-world (RTW) event from Los Angeles to New York City -- the long way! Countries to be explored on four continents that may be included in GreatEscape2008® The Global Scavenger Hunt; are: New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Nepal, India, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Italy, Slovenia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungry, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Austria, Andorra, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Canada. 

Early Bird Priority Ends December 19th!

SOURCE: GreatEscape Adventures, Inc. 

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