A movie trailer of experiences – snorkeling with rollicking sea lions, hiking among giant cacti, photographing leaping dolphins, and whales so close you can hear them breathe– replays often in my mind’s eye as high-definition and heart-pounding as any Hollywood production.  

It’s been months since our yacht adventure in Mexico’s nature-rich Sea of Cortés, but the mind-movies surface often– triggered by conversation, photographs, or the sheer joy of conjuring up images of one of our planet’s most amazing places.  

There’s something soul-soothing about a vacation where Mother Nature takes center stage. Where, amidst the wind, clouds, sunrises and unrestrained land and seascapes, the daily drama and media headlines take a backseat to wonder and awe. American Safari Cruises’ voyage through one of the world’s richest marine environments brings Nature up-close-and-personal. 


Wedged between the Baja California Peninsula and mainland Mexico, the Sea of Cortés (a.k.a. Gulf of California) is home to hundreds of species of birds, 3,000 plant species (some of which grow nowhere else on earth), five species of marine turtles, and nine species of whales, including blue, fin, sei, Bryde’s, minke, humpback, and gray.

Mention Mexico in conversation though, and more than likely it’s safety, violence, and drug cartels, not leaping dolphins and sally lightfoot crabs, that people talk about.


But walk the sleepy malecón with icecream toting toddlers, giggling teens and hand holding couples in La Paz (peace), where American Safari Cruises’ Mexico voyages begin and end, and you’ll quickly question what all the fuss is about.

From the moment we set sail aboard the 22-passenger Safari Questbeneath a dazzling sunset with dolphin escort, the only thing on our radar screen was full-blown Technicolor natural abundance. 


And if navigating nature as the pampered guest aboard a luxury yacht sounds like fun, it is. On top of hiking desert mountain ridgelines, paddle boarding in turquoise water lagoons, kayaking amid coral reefs, and hanging out with whales, there’s an on-deck hot tub, gourmet meals, Tempur-Pedic® memory-foam mattresses, and a staff so friendly and accommodating you’ll want to adopt them.


But our favorite way to relax after playing in nature all day? Settle in to the hammock for Mother Nature’s version of movie night -a night sky with more razzle, dazzle than Bollywood.


For travelers who want to explore the Sea of Cortés this winter, the Safari Quest will sail weeklong AQUARIUM OF THE WORLD cruises from November 26, 2011 through April 14, 2012. Rates start at $3,995 per person double occupancy. The inclusive cruises include all from-the-yacht activities and equipment; transfers; exquisite meals; fine wine, premium spirits and microbrews; and all port charges, taxes and fees.


The newest addition to the AMERICAN SAFARI CRUISES fleet, the 86-guest SAFARI ENDEAVOUR, embarks on a new BAJA’S BOUNTY adventure cruise from November 2012 through April 2013. 

To book a yachting adventure or to request additional information, contact your travel agent or American Safari Cruises at 888-862-8881 and www.AmericanSafariCruises.com.


Explore Alaska with American Safari Cruises’ sister company, Inner Sea Discoveries, in my article ‘An Alaska Un-Cruise’ complete with in-the-moment video footage of sea kayaking with a humpback whale. To learn more, visit www.InnerSeaDiscoveries.com.


For pre or post cruise stays in La Paz, Costa Baja Resort could be the perfect place to kick back for a few days. Read more in MEXICO HIDEAWAY: Costa Baja Resort

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