After a summer of jetting to South Africa, Argentina and France, my skin was in need of some major TLC. After a hydrating facial at Hela, my favorite DC spa, my aesthetician Kelly Rose suggested that I give myself at home mini facials in between our sessions.

Enter Perfect Mask by 3LAB, a technologically advanced purifying sheet mask that lifts, firms and brightens skin with infused Nano-Claire GY, the world’s first bio-engineered growth hormone for younger, firmer skin. The 100% cotton sheet allows the skin-nurturing ingredients to really penetrate through the mask, also helping to reduce fine lines.  The powerful antioxidants found in the mask purify the skin, promote collagen production, increase circulation and give you a radiant glow. After just one use my skin was hydrated and smooth to the touch!

Take a step towards perfect skin and check out Perfect Mask and other 3LAB Skincare Products at Try the Perfect “GLOW” Complex to combat any sun damage you may have from recent beach getaways. You can also find great travel beauty kits in the new Pampered Passenger section of The Travel Store at

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