Until now, my travel pajama alternatives have been pathetic. Oversized tees, seen-better-days sweatpants or silky somethings I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in.

But Cocoon’s Traveler’s Tree natural silk pajamas pass all my sweet dream requirements - suitably stylish, quick dry and lightweight. This ultra-compact, beautiful travel pajama set weighs just 4.5 oz and comes packed in its own tiny carry bag about the size of a deck of playing cards. Love that.

Plus, these gorgeous jammies not only minimize packing and weight, but because they’re 100% silk  they adapt to changing temperatures - toasty in Alaska and cool in Belize. Best yet, they can be hand (or machine) washed and quick dry.

Compact, comfortable and stylish. What’s not to love?

You can find these great travel pajamas at www.cocoonusa.com or in the new Pampered Passenger section of The Travel Store at EllenBarone.com



COCOON TravelSheets, MummyLiners and Sleeping Bags are the result of life-long travel experience. The COCOON story started in 1989 with a bulky, sewn-together cotton sheet that almost caused the founder of Design Salt to be swept away in a Balinese river while washing it. Since then COCOONTravelSheets, MummyLiners and sleeping bags have seen a lot of improvement and perfection. They now come in numerous especially developed, high quality fabrics and a wide variety of functional details makes them ideal companions for adventurers, travelers and mountaineers worldwide. 

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