Until December 31 2007, convince a friend or relative who is a resident of Britain to invite you to the other side of 'the pond', buy yourself a qualifying adult First or Second Class BritRail Pass and you will be rewarded with a 25% discount.

This is a unique opportunity for your Brit-buddy to experience the comfort of BritRail travel and to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a BritRail Pass, which is not available for sale in Britain.

The Guest Pass promotion offers a selection of options – something for every itinerary - including the "all-access" BritRail Consecutive Pass and BritRail FlexiPass or the BritRail England Consecutive Pass and BritRail England FlexiPass (for travel up to the borders of Wales & Scotland).

Arrangements for both passes must be completed before your departure.  Travel may be completed up to six months after the date of issue.  One BritRail Guest Pass can be issued for each qualifying BritRail product.  The BritRail Guest Pass is available only to a British resident, who must be accompanied on his/her train travels by the International purchaser of the matching BritRail product and provide proof of UK residence upon request.  This special offer cannot be combined with the BritRail Senior, Youth, Off-Peak, Family or Party Pass.

This Promotion cannot be purchased in the UK nor the pass be shipped to an address in the UK.

 For more information visit http://www.britrail.com/

Source: BritRail