“I’d love a vacation, but I just can’t afford it.”  

I hear this often. I’ve said it myself. But even as the words are rolling off my lips, I know it’s a lie.

Do I really need $4 lattes? 700 TV channels? Another pair of shoes?

Could I pay my monthly bills with an airline credit card and use points to fly free?

Are there off-season deals, vacation packages, or wallet-friendly destinations I’m not considering?

Talk to travelers - wealthy and not, employed and unemployed, boomers and backpackers - and more than likely they’ll tell you that saving for travel is easier than you think. 

Think you can’t afford to travel? Think again. Check out these insider tips in my recent article: 5 Ways to Save For Your Next Vacation

Better yet, how do you save for travel? Share your advice below. 

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