20% off Utah Rafting Adventures with 10 people from Holiday Expeditions.

Utah offers classic whitewater rafting, with excitement levels ranging from mild to wild with budget-friendly discounts for small groups and families.

Itineraries to choose from include:

Colorado River Rafting Cataract Canyon

Legendary Cataract Canyon provides the excitement whitewater-lovers crave, as it plunges over behemoth rapids in the heart of rugged Canyonlands National Park. To give pounding hearts a chance to settle down, this trip offers the chance to explore side canyon grottos, waterfalls and prehistoric indian ruins that are otherwise inaccessible. Click for trip rates + dates

Colorado River Rafting Westwater Canyon

Westwater offers great rapids in what many consider to be the most scenic canyon on the Colorado River. There are wonderful camping beaches here, along with interesting side canyons and historic sites (Native American, outlaw and pioneer.) This is a great choice for people seeking a shorter trip that doesn’t skimp on excitement. Click for trip rates + dates

San Juan River Rafting

This trip offers a variety of mild adventures including rapids, slickrock side canyons and many prehistoric cultural sites. Your guide can lead you through side canyons to inviting swimming holes, or to the canyon rim for endless views of Monument Valley, the landscape that defines the American West. Click for trip rates + dates

Green River Rafting Desolation Canyon

The Green River has cut through the towering Tavaputs Plateau to form a gorge deeper than the Grand Canyon, in an uninhabited area that is virtually inaccessible except to river runners. The trip includes 60 rapids that range from mild to moderate, making this a great choice for families and people who want the adventure of paddling an inflatable kayak. Click for trip rates + dates

Yampa River Rafting

The Yampa is the last undammed river in the Colorado River system. The best rafting occurs during May and June, when spring flows crank the rapids up to high adventure. Warm Springs Rapid is rated among the 10 biggest drops in the country. Miles of tiger-striped walls make this one of the most photogenic canyons around. Other attractions include side-canyon waterfalls, Ancestral Puebloan rock art and whispering caves. Click for trip rates + dates

Green River Rafting Lodore Canyon

Lodore Canyon provided the first major test for John Wesley Powell on his famous explorations, and his descriptive names live on today: Disaster Falls, Triplet Falls and Hells Half Mile challenge river runners. This trip takes you into the rugged backcountry of Dinosaur National Monument, past scenic vermillion cliffs and rainbow-colored rock formations. Click for trip rates + dates

Holiday Expeditions offers whitewater rafting and mountain biking trips in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and Mexico. For information and reservations call 800.624.6323 or visit www.bikeraft.com

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