Looking for a travel deal that’s on sale TODAY so you can pack your bags TOMORROW? Meet Voyij, the new kid on the flexible travel block.

Heads up budget travelers on a new travel site from the creators of Sidestep, that takes what Kayak did for real-time travel but does it only for travel deals. Voyij.com searches, gathers and brings you only the best deals across the Web - hundreds and hundreds of sites.

It’s the only site on the web that brings you SALES & DEALS specifically around travel. A great place to indulge your last-minute travel bug AND save money doing it.

Who needs a staycation this summer when you can discover new places you have never heard of or knew about OR find all the last-minute vacation bargains through filters and criteria you set up?

Voyij has put all the online travel sales and deals under one roof, opening up the opportunity for you to learn about the best deal at any given time from across hundreds of sites.

What travel deal is on sale today? At Voyij, there are more than 17,000 travel bargains at any given time, all aggregated in one place, under one roof.

Here’s another key element that is unique about the site. You can opt to filter your search by EXPERIENCE! So, either plug in your originating city and be surprised by what’s on sale today OR filter by the kind of experience you’re after.

Want a quiet get-away with plenty of fine and wine? Voyij can help you find what you’re looking for and at a steal of a price. Other experience filters include ‘beaches’, ‘golf vacations’, ‘family’ and more.

Voyij is also the only site that offers the extra capability of being able to narrow your search by offering a number of criteria you can select from - timeframe, activities, price, destination, type of hotel (number of stars). Voyij aggregates hotel, air and combo deals using metasearch technology from literally hundreds of partner sites.

The site was launched by the creators of SideStep which was sold to Kayak for $200 million a couple of years ago. It’s a space the team knows well and remains passionate about, so much so that they embarked on another unsolved problem: the time consuming and expensive effort of having to go to every travel site and manually search for what’s in each site’s distressed inventory ‘sale’ box.

Voyij is not the place to look if you know exactly where you want to go and when ( i.e., business trip to NYC next Tuesday),but it’s perfect for the flexible traveler who wants to save a lot of money and is also excited to discover new possibilities they didn’t know existed.