Life Change: It’s A Buy
Photo: Credit to Chris McClellanWhat’s transformation worth? With Air New Zealand’sTravel to NZ and Get Your Life Back” fare, wayfarers will jet Los Angeles to Auckland for only $798 roundtrip that must be booked by April 29. Or you can head to life-altering experiences via the airline’s regular economy roundtrip fare as well: under $900 including taxes and fees. Compared to soaring economy fares of up to $3,000 roundtrip in pre-recession peak season, these airfares will lift both body and soul.

And travel to New Zealand will bring another option on June 10, when Qantas introduces new daily service from New York City to Auckland. Because these flights feature conveniently timed connections in Los Angeles, East Coasters will no longer need to fly via alternate carriers before connecting to Qantas aircraft at LAX.

Once on the ground in New Zealand, exchange rates are compelling with the U.S. dollar packing a punch against the Kiwi dollar (USD$1 = Kiwi$1.71), stretching the purchasing power of American travelers in New Zealand. Plus, hotel and tour deals in abundance make New Zealand a “buy.”


Source: Tourism New Zealand