Beach Destinations, European Scenery, Down-Under Fun and a U.S. City Make the List, a comprehensive online travel resource, has revealed its list of bargain destinations for fall 2007: Mexico, Ireland, Australia, Germany and Columbus, Ohio. The annual list is the result of monitoring travel trends, industry news and sale patterns to inform travelers about the places that offer the best value for the coming season, especially for travelers who want to take advantage of the less crowded fall months, or those who could not get away during the summer.

"Our annual list of fall bargain destinations is compiled by carefully watching travel patterns and reviewing deals offered by airlines, hotels and other travel providers," said Anne Banas, executive editor at "As fall is a great time to travel -- with warm weather and fewer crowds -- we recommend booking early. Deals to these destinations are sure to go quickly."

  SmarterTravel's 2007 fall bargain destinations include:

  -- Mexico. With new service from two airlines and many ways to enjoy
     upscale accommodations on a budget, Mexico is at the top of the list
     this season. Not only is Mexico affordable and even more accessible
     with expanded air service,  peak hurricane season tapers off at the end
     of September (though it officially runs to November 30) and the crowded
     winter tourism season doesn't kick in until the holidays, making
     mid-fall the time to go for good prices, pleasant weather and fewer

  -- Ireland. Although pricey in the summer, autumn airfare sales put the
     Emerald Isle back within reach for travelers on a budget. Just keep in
     mind that the weather grows increasingly chilly with each month, so
     unless you want nothing more than to hunker down at the pub or spend
     your days museum hopping (not such a bad possibility, really), consider
     visiting earlier in fall rather than later. United, US Airways and Aer
     Lingus are offering sale rates this fall for travel between the U.S.
     and Ireland.

  -- Australia. Fall in North America means spring in Australia, but no
     matter what you call it, it's the time to head Down Under if you're
     looking for a bargain before the summer tourist season starts. Fall
     offers a good combination of low prices and good weather, but since
     airfares spike in January and don't come down again until May, the
     lower prices available now won't be around for much longer. United's
     fall sale includes Australia, and Australian airline Qantas is also
     running a sale.

  -- Germany. Fall in Germany offers better prices and a quintessential
     cultural experience. The country is at its liveliest after the summer
     crowds go home and the Germans come out for Oktoberfest, when beer,
     music, and dancing draw huge crowds. Recent and current sales suggest
     that, as usual, airfare prices to Europe are already dropping for fall
     travel. Both United and Lufthansa are offering airfare deals, and
     American recently kicked off a European fall sale, which included
     destinations in Germany.

  -- Columbus, Ohio. The recent launch of low-cost carrier Skybus means that
     cities such as Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, San Diego, San Francisco and
     Seattle have an inexpensive express route to Columbus. Two free
     festivals make fall even more affordable. The 100th annual Circleville
     Pumpkin Show in October features giant pumpkins, harvest exhibitions,
     parades and contests. The festival, which takes place about 25 miles
     outside Columbus, draws crowds from the city and beyond. And, at the
     Columbus International Festival, visitors can experience food, arts and
     entertainment from 75 cultures around the world.

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