La casa de Doña Hermina. © Ute Hagen. texture by Insan Stock.

This month’s photograph comes from a new ‘Countryside along the Sabino River’ series of images by Mexico-based artist Ute Hagen. For the past decade, I have been blessed by Ute’s friendship, vision and passion and am honored by the opportunity to feature her work here.

Here’s Ute’s description of the experience behind the creation of the photograph:

…she [Doña Hermina] lives here alone. i saw her standing by the stone wall watching her village’s life go by. there was a can of water by her side which she threatened to throw at me if would take her picture (((((; we chatted and laughed for a while and whenever i lifted my camera she lifted her water can…….. hmm, i never got to find out if she really meant it (((;

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