This month, over at our sister site, we’re continuing the recent award celebrations with the exciting release of co-founder and editor Judith Fein’s new book, LIFE IS A TRIP: The transformational magic of travel.

People have been asking Judie for years when she was going to write a book about her experiences as a travel journalist. Her answer was always the same, “when the time is right.” The time was finally right.

In LIFE IS A TRIP, Judie takes readers on l4 exotic adventures where she learns from other cultures new and transformative approaches to family discord, death, success, fear, faith, forgiveness and overcoming trauma. It is a mesmerizing read for all who love to travel whether they are sitting in armchairs or hitting the road. Judie’s wish is that it will inspire you to have the kinds of cultural adventures that can transform your own life - either across the world or across town from where you live.

REVIEWS: “From irreverence, reverence. That’s the magic of Judith Fein’s writing. Her unconventional view of the world and her grand sense of curiosity open doors to new adventures and understanding, allowing us to look deeply into the differences that keep the word fascinating and the similarities that keep us unified. “Life Is a Trip” is a journey of the heart, soul and mind, and we are much the better for it.”

- Catharine M. Hamm, Travel Editor, Los Angeles Times

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Here are a few simple ways you can help make that happen.

  1. Buy, or download, LIFE IS A TRIP right now at the TRIP SHOP powered by Amazon.
  2. Share this with everyone you know and ask them to forward it on, as well. You can use the links below to print, e-mail or share this journal posting with your favorite online community.
  3. Call your local bookseller and public or school library and request that they order a copy.

Together in 2009, Judie and I created as a place for writers to tell their stories about the transformational magic of travel. Now, with the release of LIFE IS A TRIP, Judie takes the dream one step further. I couldn’t be more excited!

I encourage you to visit us at, order and read the book and tell Judie what you think. You can post your comments on the website or send Judie your thoughts directly. 

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