I admit it: I’m tough on luggage. 

I’ve trailed suitcases across bumpy cobbled streets, down muddy rainforest trails, up sand dunes and along frozen tundra. I’ve watched my luggage be tossed atop third world buses, piled into donkey carts and jungle canoes. 

So, after my Eagle Creek carry on rattled around in a safari trailer for a few weeks and loosened some screws and years of dust and dirt eventually clogged the telescoping handle, guess what happened when I returned it? 

They replaced it.


Even upgraded it to the new 4-wheeled Tarmac 22 AWD.

No questions asked. 

That’s the Eagle Creek No Matter What™ Warranty at work, which promises to “repair it or replace it with an available product of similar features and value, regardless of the cause, and then send it back to you at no charge.”

Eagle Creek Lightweight Carry On Tarmac AWD 22

What happens when your suitcase dies? Does your luggage manufacturer offer a similar warranty? Use the comment box below to share or join the conversation. I’d love to hear your experiences. 

Eagle Creek luggage is available for purchase at EagleCreek.com and The Travel Store at EllenBarone.com, powered by Amazon. Suggested retail price, $330 USD.  

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