My feet loathe the confinement of shoes. I’m more a year-round sandal-wearing kinda gal. In fact, I first fell in love with Keen footwear when I found myself wearing their cushy Barbados sandal non-stop during a six-month stay in Mexico. Whether I was walking over crudely cobbled streets, beachcombing or wading into the surf, you can bet I had my Keens on. The color never faded, the sturdy soles withstood daily use like a pro and the unique Keen toe protector stood strong against dropped objects and the vagaries of uneven sidewalks.

At home in the mountains of southern New Mexico, where a slip-in won’t cut it on warm-weather trail hikes, I upgraded to the Keen Whisper. Its quick-draw elastic cord means no slipping and sliding. Better still, the Whisper is sturdy when the going gets tough and perfect for river crossings.

When I signed on for a walking vacation in France and terrain that clearly called for something more substantial than a sandal, again I turned to Keen. Enter the Keen Targhee II hiker shoe: The waterproof cross-training shoe delivered just what the trip demanded: tenacious traction, sturdy ankle stability and best yet, foot-lovin’ comfort.

Favorite feature: Compared to my Vasque hiking boots, these shoes are feather weight. That alone had my feet smiling. But I knew they’d passed muster when I started wearing them off-trail. They’re on my feet as I type, and I’m in Baja! It’s winter here, so the sandals come out for walks on the beach. But morning and night, I’m wearing the hikers.

Not-so-favorite feature: The only thing these puppies have against em’ is, well, they’re shoes - AKA not sandals. But other than that, they’re as good as it gets. I haven’t opted for my Vasque hiking boots once since I ordered these.

Bottom Line: Perfect for a French walking tour, a stroll around the neighborhood or wherever your multisport needs might take you.

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