Gadget Girl Goes

A while back I was fortunate enough to be asked to sign on as the new Green Gear girl at, a wonderful online portal for environmentally responsible travelers. 

This month’s featured product is a nifty new eco-friendly gadget - the SteriPEN JourneyLCD portable water purifier. 

It’s fast (16oz. in 48-secs), lightweight (5 oz), easy (just one button) and effective (proven to destroy viruses, bacteria and protozoa). Oh, and did I mention it runs on rechargeable batteries, purifying 1 liter of water for less than $0.02 USD? Take THAT you 3-Euro bottle of San Pellegrino! And, even better, because the pen uses light, instead of chemicals, there’s no chemical aftertaste like tablets or drops.

I’m hooked. Whether I’m day hiking in the mountains of New Mexico, sightseeing in Marrakech or shopping in Paris, I’ll have the SteriPEN in my bag.

Available at or at The Travel Store at powered by Amazon. 

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