Just because you’re a Gadget Girl, doesn’t mean you lack sophistication. Being stylish and techie are not mutually exclusive. If only more manufacturers understood that.


Thanks to  jill-e designs, a company both owned and operated by women, I no longer have to show up for a shoot schlepping a bag built for boys.

Fellow photog Christie Parker turned me onto these bags and it was love at first sight. There’s just something not right about strolling down the Avenue desChamps-Élysées or the streets of Manhattan with a clunky, chunky camera bag. Until jill-e, there wasn’t much to do about it.

I’m headed to Madrid next week and you can bet my weatherproof medium chocolate suede camera bagjill-e is going with me.  

While a jill-e may look pretty, it’s built to play rough. And it’s no powder puff as a camera bag either. All the essentials a pro expects are there - padded protection, adjustable Velcro dividers, netted pockets for memory cards, batteries and business cards, and plenty of exterior pockets for convenient access to the tools of the trade - notepad, model releases, cleaning cloth, etc.

Favorite feature: The innovative top zip allows me to access a flash, a second camera body and other equipment (see photo below) quickly and easily. Also, the tethered interior pouch is handy for storing hotel key cards and other small personal items.

Not-so-favorite feature: The nylon detachable shoulder strap is kinda cheesy looking compared to the elegance of the bag. I hope they’ll improve that oversight in the future.

Bottom line: Perfect for stylish gadget girls who value fashion and flair in addition to function.

About Jill-e Designs: 

Jill-e Designs makes pro-caliber camera bags with an extra serving of style (check out what Jill-e is doing for the guys). For product specs and pricing, visit www.Jill-e.com.

More models from jill-e designs. Be prepared to want one of each. I have my eye on the red clutch…


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