Nearly every traveling photographer I know lusts after the ‘perfect’ camera bag. I am, perhaps, the biggest romantic of them all. No matter how many alternatives fill my closets and clutter my office shelves, the dream of finding that ‘perfect’ multi-purpose bag remains alluring. 

Problem is, I ask a lot of a camera bag, especially for air travel. It needs to provide travel-tough protection, be carry-on sized and not only transport a full arsenal of camera bodies, lenses and digital accessories, but a laptop too. 

Enter the Lowepro Stealth Reporter D650 AW. Created for photojournalists and news photographers, the Stealth fits all that I need for a professional photoshoot or trip: 1 DSLR with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached; 1 additional body; 2 lenses; and 15” Macbook Pro; plus, up to 12 memory cards; flash; chargers and cords.

Built to go the distance, the Stealth delivers typical Lowepro quality; it’s sturdy, well-thought out with plenty of room and cushioning, and has pockets for everything. 

Favorite feature: The convenient quick-access zip top is brilliant. Unlike a backpack or standard shoulder bag, everything I need is only a zip away. 

Not-so-favorite feature: I wish the Stealth had a top grab handle in addition to the sturdy shoulder strap. There is a narrow strap that enables you to pick up the bag without using the shoulder sling, but it’s a bit awkward. 

Bottom line: While the Stealth may be the perfect camera bag for getting equipment from point A to B, it’s BIG. Big enough that you’ll still need something smaller, like the new Photo Hatchback, for instance, to use as a daypack when you get where you’re going. 

More to love:

  • If you like a lighter, softer bag, just take out the padded insert.
  • Removable pouch and memory card wallet easily manages all your digital accessories.
  • Water-resistant top zipper provides quick access to gear.
  • Luggage trolley strap quickly secures your bag to luggage handle.
  • The All Weather Cover™ provides serious protection for your gear in extreme conditions.
  • Padded laptop compartment fits most 17” widescreen notebooks.

Available for purchase at and The Travel Store at powered by Amazon. Suggested retail price: $229.99 

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