I’m tough on electronics, and my cell phone, tossed carelessly into purse, backpack, jacket pocket, etc., tends to take the worst of it. But, thankfully I discovered the Ellen-tough protection of the OtterBox Defender Case. The oh-so-gadget-girl-cool case takes all the abuse I give it, and more. Rain, snow? Who cares? Not me.

Better yet, its grippy surface keeps it resting nicely on the center console of my car, handy when I’m talking hands-free but still want to be able to see the display screen. And, by choosing their eye catching yellow and black case, I’m sure not to leave it, or confuse it with another, when I’m in a rush at airport security.

And girls, while my husband isn’t wild about this feature, it’s a huge guy magnet. I cant’ tell you how many guys - on airplanes, in coffeehouses, in frequent flyer lounges, on the street, in the park, etc. - ask me about it.

So, if you’re busy making a list and checking it twice, be sure to check out OtterBox.com, they have a case for nearly any electronic you want covered - PDAs, phones, laptops, cameras - with new models being added all the time.

About Otter Products, LLC:

Founded in 1996, Otter Products, LLC is highly respected in the design and production of rugged and semi-rugged cases to safeguard technology and other valuables.

Built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity and perseverance, Otter Products is the innovator of premier protective solutions for leading global handheld manufacturers, wireless carriers and distributors.

For more information, visit www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820.



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