Has this happened to you? You’re logged online at an Internet café in some foreign locale checking email when suddenly you remember you need to follow-up on something important at the office or at home. Darn, if only you could remember their email because, of course, it is in your desktop computer’s address book. Ugh.

Or, perhaps you have brought along your laptop, only to find that your address book is out of date and your crucial correspondence bounces back undeliverable. What then?

Well, suffer no more because there is a free, simple, secure and reliable way to get all your contact information up-to-date and complete online.

"Plaxo Contacts was born out of my own frustration of out-of-date and incomplete contact information and the fact that nearly everyone suffers from this frustration," said Plaxo co-founder and president Sean Parker. "An incomplete or out-of-date address book means lost productivity, lost business opportunities and lost friends. Plaxo makes it fast and easy to update your contacts." Parker was a co-founder of Napster before Plaxo.

After a quick download, Plaxo Contacts seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook and lets people send a personalized email to friends, family and colleagues asking them to correct and update their contact information. People can make updates by simply replying to the email message and correcting the contact information in the body of the message. Once the email is returned, the contact information is automatically updated within the original sender's address book.

Those who use Plaxo Contacts can choose which aspects of their own contact information will be automatically updated to their friends and colleagues who also use Plaxo. They can also synchronize the contacts on their computer at home with their computer at work. If desired, address book content and most Plaxo tools are also made securely available on the Web so they can be accessed anywhere.

Plaxo, operator of the largest and fastest growing address book network, today announced the availability of Plaxo Mobile Plus. For the first time, consumers can get a single, self-updating address book on their mobile phones, which will synchronize their contact information with all of their other communication tools, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, AIM, Yahoo! Mail, the Mac OS X Address Book, and Thunderbird. Plaxo Mobile Plus is immediately available nationwide from a leading carrier on a variety of BREW handsets. Additional carriers will offer the service in upcoming weeks.

Plaxo Mobile Plus enriches the information within mobile phone address books and eliminates the hassle and time spent manually updating and maintaining mobile phone contact information. Users can be confident that they will always have the latest contact information for friends, colleagues, and customers. Whenever a contact is added or edited, whether on their phone or in any other communication tool, it will be updated everywhere, automatically.

“Today's consumer is demanding easier ways to stay in touch with their friends, colleagues, and customers,” said Ben Golub, President and CEO, Plaxo, Inc. “And, they want to be able to communicate seamlessly from home, school, work, or on the road, regardless if they are on their mobile phone, e-mail, or IM. Our smart address book is the solution that consumers are looking for to increase their productivity and personal connectedness. We're pleased to be working with a leading developer like Zingy to bring this solution to mobile phones.”

For more information, visit www.plaxo.com.


Ellen Barone has been creating words and images for travel and tourism since 1998. She co-founded and publishes the group travel blog YourLifeIsATrip.com and is currently at work on her first book "I Could Live Here".