In red shirt and cap: Daniel Torres. In hat and black t-shirt with scull and crossbones is Augusto Hernandez. Both are activists in Patagonia groups opposing the dams.Tortel, Chile, the delta of the Baker River, downriver of where the proposed HydroAysen dams would be. In the tiny (500 people) town of Tortel, residents can either cut the dwindling resources of remaining cypress forest for fire wood, or they can collect the plentiful, renewable resource of drift wood from the many beaches just a short boat ride away. Collecting this wood is a way of life in this area. Most people spend at least 1 day a week making the trip to a beach by boat and harvesting wood to heat and cook with. Many here fear that the development and large, rapid influx of new people to this area will drastically change their way of life.ILCP Patagonia RAVE story on the culture, community activism and scenics of the region of Chilean Patagonia that will be effected if 5 hydropower dams are created on the Baker and Pascua Rivers.

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