Castles, former hunting lodges and beautiful manor homes have been turned into bed and breakfast places and even youth hostels. Pleasant, historic and non-expensive these unique accommodations can offer bargain getaways at a price you never expected.

The castles and monasteries, manor houses that have joined the Culture and Castles association, a group of aristocratic families opening up their properties to the public, stand out due to their remarkable authenticity - and they provide timeless accommodations for great value, starting at 60 Euro per night. The services range from bed and breakfast, holiday apartments and wedding facilities to dreamlike locations for meetings and special festivities.

Along the Castle Road, which expands over 600 miles from Mannheim/Heidelberg to Prague, some of the over 70 castles, palaces and castle ruins have been turned into hotels and are offering comfortable and fairy-tale like accommodations. For centuries the buildings have survived the vicissitudes of history and stand as reminders of emperors, kings and princes, of poets and thinkers, robber knights and romantic tales of chivalry.

Youth hostels in castles are the essence of great value with a unique experience. Stahleck Castle   in Bacharach near the river Rhine is Germany’s prime example of spending like a pauper but living like a king. This 11th century castle houses today one of Germany’s top youth hostels with plenty of beds, a warm welcome, and an original medieval view. Prices for an overnight stay can be as low as 20 Euro. Other popular youth hostels can be found in the castles of Nuremberg above the city center , Altena near the Ruhr region , Ehrenbreitstein near Koblenz  and Rothenfels in the Main valley .


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Source: German National Tourist Office