Keynote AV Needs

Break-out session needs to be adapted as size and group needs demand.

Video Requirements: CLIENT to provide:

One (1) or two (2) video screens, minimum 9’x12’ with dress kit. Amount and size of screens to be determined by shape of room and size of audience. (Example - a wide ballroom would require two (2) screens. See diagram at end of rider.) The following are to be used as guidelines:
9’ x 12’ video screen (up to 400 in audience)
10’x14’ video screen (up to 750 in audience)
12’ x 16’ or larger video screen (more than 750 in audience)

Rear video projector for each screen. (NOTE: If room size does not allow this, front projection is acceptable.) Mac compatible models preferred.

One (1) Betacam SP tape playback machine with small TV monitor for cueing and passive A/B switcher to cue tapes. (NOTE: We do not use 3/4” tape playback machine, except in case of emergency.)

Lighting Requirements:
One (1) spotlight with appropriate filters (preferably flesh colored) manned by operator.

Note: Stage wash lighting or truss lighting in any form is not required. However, if the client has requested a full lighting package for their meeting or production, we will use whatever is available.

We will need someone to be able to turn house lights up and down on cue. (Down to start the show, up at the close of the show.)

Audio Requirements:

P.A. system, including mixing board, amplification and two (2) monitor speakers set to post-fade (one (1) for Ellen, and one (1) for tech assistant). Amount of speakers, size of speakers, including sub-woofers (if necessary) to be determined by A/V company after consultation with Ellen and staff.

One (1) wireless hand-held microphone (example: Sony or Samson) with receiver at assistant’s station (see diagram). If receiver cannot be moved from a rack mount set-up, a cable needs to be sent to assitant’s work station. (Explanation at end of rider.)

One (1) Shure SM 58 MIC with 25 or 50 foot cable as emergency backup. This is also at assistant’s station.

Digital recorder to be wired to mixing board to record Ellen’s show. One (1) or two (2) condenser mikes are needed to be placed in or near audience to pick up audience response.

Miscellaneous Requirements:
Clear-Com Headset with Base and three (3) other units to be worn by sound engineer, spotlight operator, and video playback operator.

Extension cord with power strip at assitant’s station.

Direct box with cable wired to mixer. This will accept assitant’s feed from mixer.

Miscellaneous Creature Comforts for Ellen; Fan, Barstool and a large glass of water to be placed on stage.

A rehearsal of up to 60 minutes may be required prior to the program.

Questions? Contact us.