See what clients have to say about working together.

“Whether it’s her vibrant words or her brilliant photography, Ellen lives and breathes the definition of wanderlust.” 
—Allie Almario, Vice President, Myths and Mountains

“Ellen is a delight to partner with and join in any collaborative effort. Her view of the world is kind, open, and warm, and her engaging spirit pulls others towards her in curiosity and adventure. I have found her a bright, inquisitive mind, a provocative story teller, and a professional with grace and charm.”
— Moe Carrick Founder and Principal, Moementum, Inc.

"Ellen Barone sets a room aglow with her beautiful smile, warm personality and contagious energy. Her curiosity and ability to see the story in any angle of adventure or travel is inspiring. Her unique photographic vision is beautifully paired with her charged, highly personalized and insightful storytelling. She brings places alive!"
— Lauren Hefferon, CEO at Ciclismo Classico & Travel Vision Photo Journeys 

“Ellen is a pleasure to work with and her photos are stunning.”
— Kathy Stewart, Media and Client Relations, Butterfield & Robinson

“Professional and responsive, Ellen produces wonderfully creative work.  Ellen loves  people and has intuitively become one of the team, both helping us develop content behind the scenes and taking great photos in the field.”
— Betsy West, Development, Marketing & Media, The Wayfarers

“Ellen is an open-minded, tech-savvy, upbeat partner who is open to new ideas and ways of doing things. She genuinely likes people and lets them know it.”
— Judith Fein, Journalist and Co-founder,

"When Ellen does a website project for one of my clients, I never worry about the product that we will deliver. Her knowledge of her craft combined with her attention to detail and her unwillingness to settle for anything less than excellence is unmatched. Ellen is a consummate professional and is an integral part of any team."
— Kerry Gladden, Founder and Owner, The Agency

“We were highly impressed with both Ellen’s writing and photography as a result of her trip with Ecoventura in the Galapagos Islands. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other travel companies looking for creative content and superb images.” 
—Doris Welsh, Director of Sales and Marketing, Galapagos Network



“Ellen is great to work with, always enthusiastic, positive and fun. We’ve traveled together and worked together on PR/Media Panels always with great results. I love Ellen’s photography and her updates are very helpful to our clients.” 
—Nancy E. Harrison, founding partner, Adventure Media, L.L.C

“I first met Ellen online and was intrigued with her travel writing not just for clients but also for myself. Ellen stays cool under pressure and timelines.”
— Terry Rashwalski, head of digital services division, Tartan Amplified.

“Ellen has a natural ability to draw everyone in to her circle and can quickly put her finger on ways to improve marketing for my company’s needs. She is a clear thinker and very much cutting edge in communications where she has a lot of talent.”
— Judy Allpress, Director of Sales, U.S. and Canada, The Wayfarers

“Ellen is a joy to work with in so many ways. I have worked with her on press trips and assignments and have always found her to be professional, flexible, enthusiastic and hard working. Her style of writing reflects her passionate personality and would enhance any travel providers website, newsletter or catalog. Ellen is the BEST!
— Dave Wiggins, Public Relations and Communications Consultant, Widness & Wiggins