I COULD LIVE HERE: A Travel Memoir of Home and Belonging

by Ellen Barone.

 At "home" in Mexico. 

At "home" in Mexico. 

At a personal and professional crossroads, in the spring of 2011 my husband and I  set off on a multi-year journey through Latin America in search of a life we couldn’t yet articulate. 

Though the story ventures from the warmth and vibrancy of a lakeside Mexican village to the comforts of hotel-living in Nicaragua and the high Andean mountains of Ecuador and Peru, the real journey is an internal one: one that inspires the realization that home is more than a physical place on a map.

With an open heart and introspective spirit, in "I Could Live Here" I take readers along on a slow, deliberate discovery of the pleasures and perils of learning to live a different kind of life. One that's driven strongly by curiosity and the chance to confront real and complex emotions.

Free to wander and explore, we trade routine and security for the simplicity of a itinerant existence and creative living. Within the daily challenges of life in a foreign culture, we learn to relax and let go and to replace annoyance with respect, frustration with patience, judgment with acceptance and fear with trust.

"I Could Live Here" is a gentle story told with honest warmth about the ordinary, yet extraordinary, experiences of living abroad and asks the question that we grapple with throughout our nomadic adventures: How can we feel rooted, deeply and firmly, wherever we live?


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